Clinical Study Software Companies: What to Choose?



Today, pharmaceutical companies regularly apply various software in their work, and some of the most in-demand are clinical trial management systems. Their most important task is the practical improvement of external or internal resources, including the ability to simplify study management significantly. One of the most well-known and well-established clinical study software companies involved in developing such special software is Formedix.

Clinical Trials and Their Goals

A clinical trial is a complex process that involves many participants. Its goal is to get complete data about the study drug. Thus, it is vital to organize the study properly, monitor its progress, and ensure that the information is correctly collected and processed. Clinical trials are an integral part of the process of developing new drugs. 


Studies provide information about how effective a new drug is, its side effects, and its dangers to human health and life. Only after clinical trials have been completed and the results analyzed can the pharmaceutical company which conducted the trials apply to the government agency to register the drug (request permission to use it). 


A medicinal product can’t appear on the market if it has not passed the clinical trials stage. Depending on the results of the studies, the application for registration may be rejected or approved. They allow scientists to understand the disease better and move forward in searching for effective and safe treatments.

The Role of Clinical Study Software Companies 

When software is created, the organization focuses on the requirements of potential users and the quality standards that exist in general. It enables the development of the most effective software with a user-friendly interface, which provides an excellent opportunity to optimize pharmacological work. 


Formedix deals with data processing and biostatistics in clinical trials and develops cloud software to automate complex clinical trial management processes. During development, customer needs, regulatory requirements, and international quality standards are considered. 


The user-friendly software with an intuitive interface streamlines the work of specialists. In addition, Formedix develops CTMS, a cloud product of different modules, making the work with clinical trials convenient, and it means:


✔️ Complying with all requirements

✔️ No need to work with paper information

✔️ Eliminating the factor of human error 

✔️ Data preservation and processing

✔️ Guarantee of the preservation of necessary data

✔️ Almost instant access to information


Thanks to the app, customers can see 24/7 online the progress of the study, the rate of patient enrollment in a particular center, etc. Furthermore, the team configures and validates the software before starting each study to consider its peculiarities and avoid errors.

Summing Up

To learn more about the services provided by Formedix, please visit our website. Nowadays, the final data quality is significantly improved thanks to the effective automation of information collection during clinical trials. Thus, various companies and firms using software from Formedix during the development of any drugs are sure that it is beneficial both from a financial point of view and time costs. 


The data acquired is effectively systematized, making it easier to access and use the information more efficiently. One of the most critical advantages of Formedix software products is compiling the documentation needed for manufacturing authorization correctly.